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Paulitics Polls: Now Bilingual! (Les sondages Paulitics: Maintenant bilingue!)

I’ve decided to brush up on my (very rusty) French, so as a preliminary step towards making some of the resources on this blog more francophone-friendly, I’ve decided to translate the Paulitics Polling Resource page into french.

Once upon a time, I once was fluently bilingual, but, unfortunately, those days are long gone.  If there are any good comrades who would be willing to help correct my errors or translate more, I’d be greatly appreciative.

You can access the new and improved bilingual Paulitics Polling Resource here.

As for the rest of the blog, don’t worry folks, I haven’t forgotten about it.  It’s just that this is the end of the semester crunch for graduate students, so as of this wednesday or so, I should be free to start blogging again with regularity.


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