What Would Jesus NOT Do?

cornell-westContrary to the popular perception in the West, in much of the developing world (and even in parts of the developed world), progressive, revolutionary and socialist forces are intimately tied to religion via Christian Socialism and Liberation Theology.

Some salient examples of admirable and inspiring figures who self-identify as a part of the “Religious Left” include:

  • Hugo Chavez (who will often quote from both the Communist Manifesto and the bible in his weekly Presidential address Aló Presidente);
  • Brazilian President Lula;
  • former Haitian President and Lavalas Party leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide;
  • Key figures of the Canadian NDP including Tommy Douglas; and
  • (My personal favourite and a man I greatly admire) Cornell West.

Thus, while I and many other progressives are atheists, I do believe that it is incumbent upon us as progressives to stand in solidarity with progressive and revolutionary theists such as the figures above.

That said, this morning, two Christian evangelicals came to my door to proselytize me while I was in my housecoat.  I’m all for solidarity with religious people, but not in the morning before I’ve had my coffee and not just after I’ve had an awful night’s sleep!

Nietzsche once wrote that:

“After coming into contact with a religious man, I always feel I must wash my hands.”

So, in the full spirit of Nietzsche, consider this a (hilarious) cleansing of the hands

What Would Jesus NOT Do?

And, as an encore:

Yahweh’s Delicious Creation



4 Responses to “What Would Jesus NOT Do?”

  1. 1 marcel 19 April, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    Jesus wouldn’t bug you before coffee either.

    It’s too bad the so many ‘communist’ regimes outlawed religion. Capitalists have played that card well. That and endless military dictatorship. Neither of which has anything to do with socialism

  2. 2 Michael 28 April, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    It is interesting to look back at the major movers of socialism in Canadian history before and just after the second world war, and find that they invariably came from religious backgrounds. Not just Tommy Douglas, but also people like
    Woodworth, Major Coldwell, Irvine, etc. The same is true of the labour party (when it really was a Labour party) in Britain.

    Even in the 60s and 70s , we had catholic priests like Andy Hogan and Bob Ogle serving as NDP MPs.

    Sad that this has largely been lost in Canada, with religious groups of all sorts seemingly more concerned with “Family values” and abortion than social justice issues.

  3. 3 Ashley 6 May, 2009 at 2:43 am

    Interesting, my friend and I are writing a paper about this very same subject, great to stumble upon your post.

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