If Dion is to survive 5 months as leader, he needs to learn how to respond to Harper

untitledHarper’s hypocrisy and ridiculousness have reached new levels today as Harper accused Dion and the coalition of causing a national unity crisis by working with the Bloc.  In response to Harper’s charge against the coalition, just about everybody on the issue had a good soundbite except Dion.

Unfortunately for the coalition, Dion couldn’t cobble together a soundbite with both hands and large government grant to facilitate the process.

Layton’s soundbite was not necessarily short, but it was sweet.  Layton said “I was involved in discussions where Mr. Harper and Mr. Duceppe were proposing to work together to put, to put Mr. Harper into power with the explicit support of Mr. Duceppe and the Bloc [so] I question the sincerity of the bombast we heard today.”  Layton’s point was also further underscored later on this afternoon by revelations that Stockwell Day had also made plans to form a coalition with the former PC Party and the Bloc Québébecois if the 2000 election had resulted in a Liberal minority (source, source)

Dion potentially has the best soundbite of all to throw back at Harper, but instead he goes for this piddly-ass and arrogant sounding quote:  “Mr. Harper has no lesson to give to me about the unity of Canada.”

I hate Dion and the Liberal party as much as the next guy.  Actually I would much rather vote for Duceppe and the Bloc Québécois than the Liberals.  But, that said, I feel like I’m watching a bully pick on the slow kid in school.  Unfortunately, this has piqued my annoying sense of empathy so I’m actually going to give some free advice to Dion supporters in the hope that they get this to him.  If this issue comes up again (which it certainly will) here is the soundbite you have to use against Harper and it’s the soundbite you should have used today:

“Mr. Haper has the gall to lecture me on the unity of Canada?  I was working in cabinet to secure a unified and strong Canada back when Harper was out trying to firewall Alberta off from the rest of Canada.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have to take a shower and read some of my Marx to get the feeling of being dirty off of me.


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