What’s in a name?

For some time now, the way that the Paulitics blog has been desplaying given my monitor’s resolution has been bugging the heck out of me.

I know that I could just change my resolution, but the problem is that I know, for a certain percentage of readers, the way that the blog’s title appears will continue to look like this:

Originally, when the blog was in its original format, the “Paul’s Socialist Investigations” portion of the title was actually included as a subtitle.  I changed the title of the blog to the full “Paulitics: Paul’s Socialist Investigations” when I switched over to the contemporary format since it does not support any kind of subtitle.  As such, I’ve made the decision to revert the name of the blog back to simply “Paulitics” at least for the time being due to my unfortunate OCD with regards to the overlap of the “s”.

In the coming days and weeks, readers may also notice some corresponding changes to the sidebar as well. In an attempt to present a more professional look, the varied and amateurish-looking resource buttons on the sidebar will be replaced something more uniform and professional-looking.  The most popular resources (political images and polls) and the “about me” links will stay put while the other resources will be accessible through an “other resources” button to reduce clutter and match all of the new, uniform buttons.

As always, comments and feedback are both welcome and desired.

3 Responses to “What’s in a name?”

  1. 1 Nick J Boragina 18 October, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    My OCD was never bothered by it, however I’m curious why you dont use a slightly smaller font?

    As for buttons, I’ve always liked gold on black where the black highlights to a red when hovered over with the mouse. You could even have the button “press” into a lighter red when pushed. Depending on your photoshop skills of course.

  2. 2 paulitics 19 October, 2008 at 12:38 am

    Nick, I tried that, it won’t let me change the font.

  3. 3 RPJ 19 October, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    What I miss the most from your old blog format was the excellent graphic “Because Capitalism doesn’t work for everybody”. That was a kick-ass image. Other than that, a clean page is always better … so long as you don’t make it so plain that it starts to look Amish (grin).

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