Paulitics Polling Resource Updated: NDP up slightly, all others stalled

Using the polling results from exactly one month ago, it is now apparent that the Canadian public, whose opinions, as discussed here, were so erratic only a month ago, seem to have settled down considerably.

Since March 25th, the Tories have stalled and have not been able to break the 38% barrier.  As of this writing, the Tories have not approached majority government territory in the since early summer 2006.

The Liberals, after having dropped badly to 27% in the Paulitics trend lines during April, have recovered to their now standard 31% level which they have not been able to break above since this past February.

The Greens, having surged briefly above the 10% in the Politics trend lines in late February, have now dropped by statistically significant margins back down to the 8% level they were once so jubilant to break for the first time back this past January.

The Bloc is possibly in the worst shape of all political parties (stay tuned for details on this front: I’ll be updating the Paulitics Regional/Provincial Polling Resource in the coming days).

Lastly, the NDP, is still pretty anemic.  While their rolling trend lines have been stalled since earlier this month, they are nonetheless the one party that can boast any even remotely long-term gains.  Since late March, with only one exception, the NDP have either gone up or have stood fast at their existing levels of support in each of the seven latest polls covered in the Paulitics Polling Resource.

Thus, the party standings are now:


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2 Responses to “Paulitics Polling Resource Updated: NDP up slightly, all others stalled”

  1. 1 JP 25 April, 2007 at 9:46 am

    Thanks for the update. Your polling section is one of my favourites and is an excellent resource – the thing that keeps me coming back to the site.

  2. 2 JP 25 April, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    New Decima numbers today underlines your conclusions of polling trends nicely (though more pronounced for Con and NDP).

    Support for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives appears to have taken a nose-dive.

    A new poll suggests the Tories have dropped to 30 per cent support and are in a statistical dead heat with the Liberals.

    The Conservatives had been polling near 40 per cent after their budget in late March.

    The Decima Research survey, provided exclusively to The Canadian Press, also suggests Liberal fortunes are stalled at 29 per cent.

    If there’s good news for any political party, it’s the New Democrats.

    The NDP was at 18 per cent nationally, followed by the Greens at 11 per cent and the Bloc Quebecois at eight.

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