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There is a new Paulitics resource that has been added to the sidebar which I would like feedback on.  Right now I’m calling it “Read what other socialists think”.

This resource arose out of discussions which occurred on this blog here and here about the need for a ‘hard left’ feed aggrigator.  Now I tried using feedbite a few weeks ago and I reported that it was not filing the blog entries chronologically.  This seems to have been fixed (although how, I haven’t the slightest clue).

The virtues of this system, as I see it, is that it allows comments on the sidebar and it allows voting which seems to address Red Jenny’s concerns (although I don’t know if it’ll show how many comments each post has received).

On the negative side, I have tried customizing the header and the sidebar, but it only shows up when I log in and not when somebody just clicks on the site.  Thus it is very amaturish and lacks any amount of customization.  Moreover, with this plan we do not control very basic aspects of the site and as such are at the mercy of feedbite.

Also, while this may not be a concern to all, this aggrigator does not address Doug’s desire for a system wherein each blogger submits only specific posts on specific subjects.

Personally, I can definitely see the virtues of Doug’s suggestion (as I too don’t want to sift through a bunch of fluff) but logistically, I don’t know how it would work.  If we chose a system akin to what The Canadian Blog Exchange has, then I don’t know how a) to set it up; b) to prevent non-hard-lefties (I know we haven’t discussed what that term means, but I’m just using it because it’s easy right now) from posting – ie. on the Canadian Blog Exchange, anybody and everybody can post and I don’t believe there’s a way to stop Tories, Liberals, capitalists etc… from posting; and c) how to deal with bloggers who want to post everything they write regardless of quality.  This isn’t to say that Doug’s suggestion wouldn’t work (in fact, on the contrary, I think it’s a good idea), but I’d just need somebody to go over how it could be done.

Lastly, there are other issues beyond merely the actual aggrigator that need to be discussed.  For instance, how do we decide which new members to admit to the site – majority vote of multiple moderators, majority vote of all bloggers, or some other system?  How do we deal with racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise intolerant posts?  There are certainly other matters which need to be discussed, but those are just the ones which come to mind at the moment.

To lay my bias on the table, I would personally rather take MrvnMouse offer of assistance than use feedbite even though it would mean no option for voting on blog posts and no comments on the sidebar.  Although I’m not without flexibility on this point.

I’ve disabled comments on this post just to keep all the comments in one place.  To access the new Paulitics resource and ‘hard left’ pilot project (and to leave comments) click here:



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