New Poll Released: Greens leapfrog Bloc

A new poll released by Environics (available here) has for the first time ever put the Greens ahead of the Bloc Québécois.  According to this poll, the Conservatives stand at 34% versus 32% for the Liberals.  The New Democrats are still down at 14%.  The Greens are now in the double-digits with 11% and the Bloc is down to only 8%.  This poll will surely be a huge boost to the Greens who are seeking to get Elizabeth May into the leader’s debates in this next election.

From a non-partisan perspective, it will be hard to deny the Greens access to the debates if polls continue to show trends like these ones.

With this poll, the Paulitics Polling Resource’s two trend lines are showing the following party standings:


Click here for detailed Paulitics Polling Resources Page and for the long-term polling graph.


5 Responses to “New Poll Released: Greens leapfrog Bloc”

  1. 1 Zorpheous 11 January, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    My fuzz tail is flicking with joy!!

  2. 3 paulitics 12 January, 2007 at 10:33 am

    oops. Thanks saskboy. I’ll fix that shortly.

  3. 4 paulitics 12 January, 2007 at 11:47 am

    These comments were originally posted on

    by Eugene Plawiuk

    Up or down in polls in advance of an election means nada, zip, nothing. The real polls are how much you get during the election and the Greens will get their usual, and no seats.


    by Saskboy

    While the election poll is the best one to win, many politicians typically enjoy seeing their numbers rise before the election. This is because polls influence people into picking “winners”. It might be a better idea not to have polls, because it leads to the kind of nonsense like excluding political parties with the support of 1/10 Canadians, from appearing on public airwaves in televised debates.


    by Eugene Plawiuk

    Saskboy hits it on the head, the greatest defeat of anti-democractic exclusion of political parties which was introduced by the Liberals to eliminate small parties, was done by the Communist Party, who have run in most election for many a year. Don’t see them in the polls.


    by JimBobby Sez

    Whooee! Polls matter on accounta opinions matter. When the bigass old parties see so many o’ their voters choosin’ the Greens, they start tailorin’ their policies an’ platform t’ try an’ win back them treehuggers. Greens want green policies more’n they want a seat in the House o’ Comments.

    Regardin’ the small parties, Elections Canadee doles out money t’ parties who can get 2% o’ the popular vote. 2% is a purty low threshold, sez I. The Greens worked hard t’ get their support over that 2% an’ they did it by winnin’ grass roots votes. If the Commonists get more’n 2%, they’ll get sum dough from the gummint. The Commies been around a lot longer than the Greens so what’s their excuse?

    I been sayin’, here an’ there, that I reckon a perfect storm is on the horizon fer the Greens. Canajuns is sayin’ ol’ Mother Earth is their biggest concern. The old parties have proven they don’t take green issues seriously. There’s jest one established party they can count on t’ keep a green philosophy at the forefront an’ that party is the Green Party.

    (Lizzie May’s my Earth Mother)


    by Paul (AKA me)

    JimBobby – you may want to familiarize yourself with the supreme court decision handed down recently which says that it is illegal for the federal government to hand out money only to parties that earn more than 2% of the vote. The feds are appealing that decision, but the SCC has already ruled on it.

    Eugene – I greatly respect you and the work you do over at Le Revue Gauche, but I do disagree with you that polls are insignificant. On my blog, I note that this particular poll may have a significant impact in getting the Greens into the debates – which is in and of itself a huge development. However, that said, you’re absolutely right that polls are hugely anti-democratic especially insofar as THEY decide which parties and questions are worthy to ask the populace about. Benjamin Ginsberg has done great work on this subject, you should check him out if you get the chance.

  4. 5 JimBobby 12 January, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    Whooee! Thankee, PaulFeller. I hadn’t heard ’bout that SCC decision. I reckon that’ll mean the Commies can get a handout from Ottywa. Unless mebbe all the parties is gonna get cut off but I can’t see that happenin’.

    The polls have a bandwagon effect. Folks see a party like the Greens doin’ better an’ they think they oughta take a closer look an’ they also figger it ain’t such a fringe party when more’n 10% is backin’ ’em.

    I got no troublem with seein’ the Commonists in the popularity pool.


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