Geology makes baby Jesus cry…

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Bush administration comes up with this gem.

As a part of a series of pro-creationism edicts handed down by the Bush Administration’s appointees heading the National Parks Services, such as Mary Bomar, employees at the Grand Canyon National Park now must answer “we don’t know” if they’re asked how old the Grand Canyon is.  That’s right, due to the belief that the Grand Canyon was caused by Noah’s flood, if you go there and ask an intelligent question such as “was the Grand Canyon created in the Milocene geological epoch or the Pliocene epoch?”, despite all the scientific evidence, the employees have been directed to either answer “no comment” or “we don’t know”. 

But here’s the kicker… it gets better!  The Guardian Newspaper based out of the UK is has reported here that, in addition to this directive for employees to spew factually incorrect information (we DO know when the Grand Canyon was created and there’s ample evidence to prove it), the Grand Canyon book store is now selling a book which openly claims that “the Grand Canyon was created by Noah’s flood rather than by geologic forces.”

But wait…. it gets even better still

If you think that this creationist book is just one of hundreds of new books which are being sold in the spirit of free and open debate: guess again.  the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility is reporting (here) that, despite legal obligations to hold a higher standard for book selection and despite previous Park policy, “during 2003, Grand Canyon officials rejected 22 books and other products for bookstore placement while approving only one new sale item — the creationist book.” [emphasis added].

I guess that geology – like other pesky “facts” – makes baby Jesus cry.

Am I just being paranoid here, or is this like something out of a bad dystopian novel?


6 Responses to “Geology makes baby Jesus cry…”

  1. 1 RPJ 19 January, 2007 at 8:35 pm

    When I first heard this bit of news I actually laughed out loud and no I am not in fear of what this will mean. Why, you say? Because I think Darwin is right and therefore, these folks will be self limiting.

  2. 2 paulitics 19 January, 2007 at 10:03 pm

    RPJ – I sincerely hope you’re right. But after reading Aaron Lynch’s book “Thought Contagion”, I have some serious concerns. The ideology of Chrisitanity was designed to spread and I fear this may just be one step in the slow, ongoing conquest of all things un-Christian or rational.

  3. 3 BigguyinTB 23 January, 2007 at 9:47 am

    Seems to me that the light on the Christian right shines brighter on them in the US in and around election time. There is no logical and scientific connection between Darin’s theory of evolution and religion, and so they conclude that all things created on earth must, therefore, have come from “Intelligent Design” – and guess who, in their mind is in charge of that?

    There are other examples of where the political right in the US has catered to the beliefs and ideas of the Christian right – some states now require elementary school teachers to alot equal time to teaching creationism and evolution.

    Is the political right in the US so messed up that they now think that in order to win they need God on their side?

    Thank you, Mr. Paulitics. You are not paranoid, but “right on”.

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